Zhang Ke

Video: Zhang Ke Arch+

Zhang Ke of ZAO/standardarchitecture from Beijing is one of the most promising protagonists of a young group of Chinese architects and urban planners. His work seeks to combine the specific context and local culture with contemporary means. In addition to the upcoming exhibition „Contemplating Basics“ at Aedes and the accompanying ANCB symposium on sustainable tourism, ARCH+ features invites Zhang Ke to give an in-depth lecture on his work including the projects presented in the exhibition, as well as his more conceptual projects and installations.

Contemplating Basics

Video: Zhang Ke Aedes

ZAO/standardarchitecture has applied basic local principles as surprising gentle solutions. In the work of Zhang Ke the local and the contemporary meet in a creative process, promoting a distinct, discrete modernity that embraces the potentials of local craftwork for new solutions.