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MOBILISING THE PERIPHERY – #3 Focus Africa: Informality and Urban Pattern 
Friday, 1 July and Saturday, 2 July 2016


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The third symposium within the joint ANCB – Schindler Transit Management Group research project on contemporary urban peripheries worldwide

Friday, 1 July 2016, 6 pm – 8.30 pm

Reception and Exhibition Opening
The symposium commenced with a reception and opening of a small exhibition of visual works on urban pattern in Africa generously provided by Bouwer Serfontein and Lekan Jeyifous.

Welcome and Introduction 
Eduard Kögel, Research Advisor and Programme Curator, ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory, Berlin

Keynote: Describing the Sub-Saharan African Periphery
Remy Sietchiping, UN Habitat, Nairobi/Kenya – Mobilising the Periphery. Sub-Saharan Africa: Informality as Catalyst?

Astrid Ley, Technical University, Stuttgart/Germany – Africa’s Urban Transition 
Lekan Jeyifous, Artist/Designer, New York/USA – Speculative Futures for the African City: Immanence and Imminence

Panel Discussion Moderated by Eduard Kögel


Saturday, 2 July 2016, 10 am – 1 pm

Eduard Kögel, 
Research Advisor and Programme Curator, ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory, Berlin 

Impulse Talks 1: Responses to Informality and Urban Pattern
Bouwer Serfontein
, Director, Holm Jordaan Group and Gary White & Associates, Stuttgart/Germany and South Africa – Africa Drawn, 100 cities
Aisha Walcott-Bryant
, Manager of Cognitive Algorithms and Analytics Team and technical lead for the Mobility Team at IBM Research Africa, Nairobi/Kenya – Living Roads Project, Mobility for Developing Cities 
Jan van den Broeck, Anthropologist, University Leuven/Belgium – Building the Kenyan City of the Future. Master-planned Technology Hub or Rugged Frontier Town? 
Manuel Herz, Founder, Manuel Herz Architects, Basel/Switzerland – From Camp to City 

Fabienne Hoelzel, Founder, Fabulous Urban, Zurich/Switzerland – Infrastructure, Networks, and Alliances: The Case of Makoko, Lagos, Nigeria 
Chelina Odbert, Co-founder and Executive Director Kounkey Design Initiative, Nairobi/Kenya – Productive Public Spaces in Kibera/Nairobi
Verena von Beckerath, Co-founder, HEIDE & VON BECKERATH Architects, Berlin/Germany – AGBADON – Sustainable and Affordable Housing in Sub-Saharan Africa 
John Paul Muwanguzi Senyonyi
, Co-founder and Director, ANZA Magazine, Dar Es Salaam/Tanzania – An Expanding Diversity 



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