• Rocco Yim

Rocco Yim

An event on the occasion of the opening of the exhibition INTENSITY. The Work of Rocco Design Architects, Hong Kong at Aedes Architecture Forum


For many years Hong Kong has acted as a model for emerging cities in Asia. Its density and intensity produced an image of city that revolutionised the concept of urbanity. The original contributing factors were its public transportation system and the extreme density of its housing projects. Recent years of rapid change, brought about by economic globalisation and competition, have seen the role of public space evolve to similar importance, as new actors demand new solutions, also concerning design. The built environment has become an important factor in the rooting of floating relationships, and the meeting of new needs concerning solidarity and social justice; fostering a sense of belonging, reinforcing individual and societal identity, integrating unsettled parts of societies.

What makes Hong Kong a model in this regard, and what roles are architects playing in this process of adaptation and reinvention? Can new approaches in Hong Kong assist in finding appropriate solutions for a rejuvenation in the sprawling cities of the last generation and of the new upcoming ones?


Introduction and Welcome
Dr. h.c. Kristin Feireiss, Aedes Architecture Forum, Berlin
Dr. Eduard Kögel, ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory, Berlin

Rocco Yim, Rocco Design Architects, Hong Kong

Podium Discussion
with Rocco Yim, Kristin Feireiss and Eduard Kögel



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