Zhang Ke

Ying Zao Hutong Metabolism+


Zhang Ke, Beijing

AEDES Architecture Forum Berlin

Exhibition: 29 May – 8 July 2021


Video: Liu Jiakun

Theme: The Future of Living

  • Project: West Village in Chengdu (China)
  • Architect: Jiakun Architects, Chengdu (China)
  • Editor: Eduard Kögel

„In China, urbanization is being driven forward with gigantic projects that dwarf all previously known categories of city. With a radical separation of functions, monofunctional neighborhoods are being created, which are held together by large transport infrastructures. With a multifunctional urban block in the center of new high-rise residential quarters, Liu Jiakun from Jiakun Architects in Chengdu, southwest China, has created a lively place where different social groups come together. Stacked and layered functions strengthen a socio-cultural sustainability of the neighborhood, which can change constantly in an ongoing process of adaptation.“ Dr. Eduard Kögel

Rural Moves

Video: Rural Moves

RURAL MOVES_The Songyang Story_Aedes Exhibition

Xu Tiantian & DnA, Beijing